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Visit Knossos per person

General Info: Join a small group ( maximum of 8 participants ) for a guided tour of the palace of legendary King Minos, a walking tour through the impressive Minoan excavation AT Kephala hill, the place that was believed to be the maze of the Minotaur. Along with you professional licensed guide you will walk through the palace and explore the highlights of the Minoan civilization.

Meet the guide on site

Duration: Estimate the duration of the guided tour of the palace of Knossos, to 1 hour and 30 min.

Every day at 17.00 - But Why at 17.00? The majority of the organized groups and cruise ship passengers reach Knossos early in the morning and usually the archaeological site is crowded. To avoid the long lines, the crowds and the heat of the summer, we choose to provide the tour at 17.00.

Cost: The cost of the tour, per participant / adult is 50 euro (guiding fee) entrance fee is not included.

Special Terms and Conditions apply: The tour per person is non refundable. Open option to reschedule any day of the season (from May 2nd to October 1st)
Full refund in case the Palace of Knossos is closed due to a strike or any other unexpected event on behalf of the government or Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


  • Services of a professional licensed qualified guide or an archeologist qualified guide
  • Invoice will be provided by our travel agency ( transaction is through a secure website of the bank, the credit card receipt is the invoice)
  • bottle of water per person
  • Maps and plans of the site and Heraklion
  • Audio system – whispers
  • VAT (24%) and all taxes

Not Included:

  • Entrance tickets are not included – but if you wish us to prebuy the tickets for you let us know at the “add note area” of the booking form
  • For any reduced tickets the guests are solely responsible to provide the proper documentation (passports or ID’s ) to secure any reduced or free admission. To avoid delays you have to reach the palace earlier than the booked time slot or contact us to prepare them for you.
  • Transportation not included – (transportation can be arranged upon request though)
  • Personal expenses and gratuities

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For last minute bookings or if the time slot you are looking for is not available, please contact us

Special offers


Visit Knossos8:00, 10% discount all year around

First tour in Knossos maze – avoid the crowds!


Visit Knossos18:00, 10% discount ( May to September )

Avoid the heat of the day – Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere at Knossos!


Best of Crete10% discount from Jan to April 2024 and November to April 2025

Delve deeper in the Minoan Civilization with Exclusive private tours.


Visit Knossos and the museum of Heraklion8.00 - 11.00, 10% discount from November to March

A complete experience and detailed tour  of the Minoan collection and Knossos palace.


Visit Knossos Extended8:00 - 9:30, 10% discount ( May to September )

Discover in details the intriguing Minoans and  the secrets of Knossos


Visit Knossos Extended10% discount every Sunday all season

Extended Private Knossos tour for the experienced traveler